Pantera goes even greener at LAMMA

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Tier IV final emission standards plus a host of technical and comfort improvements characterise the 2017 year model Pantera sprayers. LAMMA 2017 at Peterborough will offer end users the chance to see these exciting changes in the flesh.

The Pantera concept has meant that larger farms and contractors have the ideal tool to cope with all the challenges in crop protection application being thrown at them. These self-propelled sprayers combine ultra-modern technology with high-tech management systems and, for the 2017 model year, the AMAZONE self-propelled range – Pantera, Pantera-H and Pantera-W will receive some exciting new features to further assist them on their road to success.

The heart of Pantera 4502 is the proven 6-cylinder Deutz engine with a power rating of 218 HP. The in-line engine, with turbocharger and intercooling for highest performance requirements, provides – thanks to the intelligent engine management in ECO mode – minimal fuel consumption. If, however, more power is required, for instance when working on steep slopes, then the POWER mode is always available to the driver that enables them to obtain maximum power at 2,200 min-1.

New exhaust system

As from the new model year, the Pantera will meet emission standard 4 (Tier 4 final). With regard to the topic of post exhaust emissions treatment, AMAZONE relies on the exhaust gas recirculation with a diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter – all of which help in saving the environment. During operation, the diesel particulate filter is regenerated continuously and in this way, and contrary to the 3B engine, it does not require an additional burner. With the aid of Diesel-Exhaust-Fluid (DEF) injection, the SCR catalyst reduces the level of nitrogen oxide emitted. The new 20 litre DEF tank is positioned at the side of the 230 litre diesel tank. The DEF consumption amounts to approximately 2.5 % of the fuel consumption, meaning that DEF only requires refilling every 3 or 4 tank fills.

Improved driver comfort and ergonomics

Apart from the changes to the exhaust system, additional alterations and improvements are also introduced with this model change. The external distinguishing features are, in addition to the DEF tank and the new tank access ladder on the right machine side, the new LED rear lights. The new Pantera models can also be equipped with LED work lights instead of the standard Halogen lights if desired.
Furthermore, the suction capacity of the Pantera is increased by 20 % up to a maximum of 600 l/min with the aid of an injection system. In this way, the Pantera is filled in less than 10 min and to aid headland filling, the bowser fill port has been relocated forwards into the storage compartment under the cab and comes as standard now with automatic fill stop. This automatically prevents both, via the suction hose and now when filling under pressure, any potential overfilling of the machine.
Inside the operator station cover there have been many changes to the layout of both switches and hoses to improve operator comfort plus the pumps have been rehoused to reduce noise levels for the operator when filling. New tyre sizes and mudguards finish off the options list.

Better climbing ability where needed

Moreover, the Pantera can also be ordered in the Pantera+ version. In this ‘plus’ version, the Pantera features, thanks to the alternative drive wheel reduction gearboxes, a more than 25 % better climbing ability. This option has been especially designed for extreme conditions in hilly terrain. Whereas the “normal” Pantera with a full tank can travel on a slope of approximately 27 %, the Pantera+, thanks to an alternative wheel gear ratio, can travel on a slope of approximately 34 %. These alternative wheel gearboxes are available across all of the Pantera models.

New specialist equipment at the Pantera – for optimum crop saving

The Pantera-H is the specialist model for spraying in tall crops. It features a hydraulic height adjustment, which, by the press of a button in the terminal, can increase the ground clearance of the machine from 1.25 to 1.70 m. However, across all the Pantera models to give an even better protection to the plant in either high or specialist crops, AMAZONE offers, in addition to the standard inner wheel motor covers three further special options to aid crop flow:

The corncobs on the maize plants are often located at the height of the wheel gearboxes. The new, well-rounded outer covers let them gently slide past the gearboxes plus a crop divider, which is attached in front of the four tyres, is offered to gently guide the plants at the headland, or when entering the row, past the wheel. In addition the Pantera can also be equipped with an underbody protection plate to avoid damage to plants which are being pushed underneath the machine.

Individual nozzle control

AmaSelect continues to be the nozzle control system of choice with up to 85% less overlap than a conventional sprayer boom fitted with spray line sections as well as enjoying the benefit of automatic nozzle size selection by speed and spray rate to ensure maximum chemical efficacy.

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