Horsch moves into the granular spreader market with the Leeb Xeric

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Renowned for its expertise in boom control systems and precision spraying Horsch claims the Xeric sets new standards in precision granular fertiliser applications with excellent productivity.

The 12-section boom features automatic section switch-off and curve compensation. Horsch’s well-proven boom control system providing stable boom control across the working width at higher speeds.

Alongside the boom technology, the Xeric offers a capacity of 14 m3, working widths of 36m and 48m, a powerful metering output and high operational speeds of up to 20 kph for excellent productivity.

Horsch also claims excellent application accuracy even in windy conditions, the combination of spreader and boom providing precise longitudinal and lateral distribution.

Further innovation comes in the form of the metering concept. The metering box with a central metering system ensures optimum fertiliser transport. The machine is equipped with an automatic section switch-off, a variable quantity control as well as the option of adapting the application rate when cornering. In addition to precise fertiliser application, this helps reduce wear and minimise running costs.

The Xeric uses the tandem axle chassis of the Leeb 12 TD crop care sprayer for maximum contact area and minimising soil damage. Active steering of both axles with a steering angle of up to 28° allows for precise following.

Also new is the Leeb VT self-propelled sprayer.

It comes with variable track adjustment, ideal for mixed crop farms and contractors requiring varying row widths between 1.8m and 2.4m.

Leeb VT features a 5000 or 6000 litre tank with 230hp and 300hp Stage 5 emissions engine options. The Leeb VT is also the first model to feature a new state-of-the-art comfort cabin pre-fitted for category IV filtration. There is an advanced A-column terminal as standard, and the armrest and joystick were specifically adapted to crop care applications. Pneumatic 4-point cabin suspension will be available as an option in the future.

Visitors to Agritechnica will be able to see both at this year’s show.

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