Support to help growers with tyre tech

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A grant will allow growers to take advantage of lower cost very high flexion (VF) tyres ahead of spring cultivations.

Tom Godwin, agricultural tyre specialist at Continental, welcomes support from the government to offer up to 60% towards the cost of a retrofittable CTIS, given the risk of compaction following the wet weather.

“We have seen a rise in sales of VF in the last 12 months as operators look for ways to mitigate the impact of heavy machinery on soil, and we anticipate the grants for CTIS will only help incentivise a more careful approach. Combining VF with CTIS technology can help reduce soil compaction which restricts root growth, limits nutrient uptake, and increases the cost of land management.”

VF tyres can carry 40% more load at the same pressure as a standard tyre, enabling haulage of larger grass loads during harvesting. They can also run at 40% reduced pressure, and combined with CTIS the pressures can be changed from the cabin.

“The combined weight of a tractor and, say, triple mowers, can easily exceed 10 tonnes. Reducing tyre pressure by 40% enables that weight to be carried over a larger footprint with more lugs on the ground to offer more grip. It’s like a person walking on the land in stilettos or trainers,” Tom said.

“With British winters becoming warmer and wetter, it is clear operators need to react to protect soil health. Continental VF TractorMaster tyres are now less than 10% more than our standard radial tyres, which we hope will persuade more operators to benefit from this technology,” he concluded

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