Vaderstad launches Tempo l 16 and 24 central fill drill

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Väderstad has launched Tempo L 16 and 24 Central Fill with a central hopper for handling bulk seed and fertiliser. The new drill is to premier at Agritechnica 2022.

Filling a large capacity central hopper rather than individual seed and fertiliser row units increases daily output. The Tempo drill then accurately meters the seeds and fertiliser via two fans in the front, to each row unit individually.

Intuitive metering technology removes the need for a central motor metering out seeds. Instead each row unit regulates the number of seeds needed to assist its individual high-precision PowerShoot seed metering system.

16 or 24 row options

Tempo L Central Fill will be available in either 16 or 24 row options, which allows for row spacing alternatives from 450 to 762mm, depending on model. To match the high-capacity output, the machine is equipped with a new hopper that holds 2200 litres of seeds and 5000 litres of fertiliser, making a total of 7200 litres.

Väderstad’s high-speed precision planter Tempo L already holds the world record for planting over 502 hectares of maize in 24 hours, a record set in Hungary in 2017.


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