Wrapper upgrade simplifies automated bale loading sequence

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Kuhn Farm Machinery has upgraded the loading arm on its RW 1610 trailed bale wrapper, with a hydraulically operated width-adjuster making it easier to handle misshaped or over and under-sized bales.

Kuhn’s RW 1610 self-loading round bale wrapper is capable of handling bales up to 1200kg in weight and with a diameter of up to 150cm.  Featuring a rotating wrapping table equipped with four drive belts, the RW 1610 also boasts a fully automated loading function for faster bale handling and wrapping: the RW 1610 can auto-load and carry a second bale while the previous bale is still being wrapped.

For 2017, the RW 1610’s ‘Autoload’ system has been enhanced by the introduction of a hydraulically adjustable loading arm.  The new system allows the wrapper’s operator to adjust the loading arms width from the tractor cab and without the need for any tools.

The adjustable arm makes it easier to load bales of varying diameters and also aids the handling of misshaped or poorly formed bales.  The new arm also simplifies the loading of bales which aren’t perfectly aligned with the baler’s approach, therefore making it easier and less time-consuming to drive from one bale to the next.

The new loading arm is compatible with tractors equipped with a double-acting hydraulic valve outlet and can be retrofitted to M (manual cable), J (joystick) and C (computer) controlled models of the RW 1610.

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