Chairman of the Maltsters’ Association congratulates the malting sector on its resilience in the face of many challenges

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The Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain (MAGB) today held their AGM in online format as the pandemic continues to restrict the ability to meet face to face. The Annual Luncheon was once again postponed but has now been firmly booked for next year when it will return to the Armourers Hall in London on 1st November 2022.

The MAGB Chairman, Adrian Dyter, described how the sector has recovered from the worst effects of the pandemic and has subsequently dealt with the shortage of HGV drivers as well as a lack of shipping containers, whilst servicing customer requirements which have been changing rapidly as production of beer and whisky returns to pre-pandemic levels. Despite these continuing problems, and the increasing turbulence in energy markets, maltsters continue to invest in new and existing facilities to enable future growth.

Strong supply chain

MAGB are working closely with plant breeders and farmers to ensure a strong agricultural supply chain to deliver the increased requirements for high quality malting barley. Support for initiatives such as the International Barley Hub1 will help ensure this is in line with sustainability goals and link to the need to manage carbon emissions in line with the UK government net zero strategy. The message was reiterated that it is important to work together on common goals, something which is helped by having a strong sector Association in the MAGB.

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