Strategic collaboration heralds new era for UK ag industry

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A landmark collaboration has been agreed between Trinity AgTech and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), signalling a new era for delivering on UK farming’s full potential. It comes at a pivotal moment in the trajectory of the industry through collaboration between the statutory funded levy board, and a distinctive private corporation.

The privileged collaboration will focus on environmental sustainability and profitability calculations. Farmers will soon be required to demonstrate these metrics accurately for future public payment schemes and will also enjoy the benefits as natural capital markets come on stream.

The two organisations will benefit from sharing skills, technological and scientific expertise, and national inventory data to enable ever-more precise and accurate calculations through advanced software to determine more specific UK environmental evidence. In addition, a focus of the partnership will be on maximising opportunities for knowledge exchange work through the Farm Excellence Platform.

Trinity AgTech will also support the development of AHDB’s Environmental Benchmarking Calculation Engine (EBCE) with Trinity AgTech providing scientific and technological development and testing of the tool.

The EBCE complements the work already achieved by Trinity AgTech after launching their digital assistant, Sandy, in June. Both platforms will help support the efforts of the current and future generations of farmers in meeting the challenges and opportunities regarding net zero, biodiversity, water protection and profitability.

Trinity AgTech Founder and executive chairman, Dr Hosein Khajeh-Hosseiny, says: “There are several valuable advances for the industry that can be made by working collaboratively, and we’re thrilled to be part of AHDB’s new reinvigorated and restructured narrative. It’s an important step towards supporting farmers in achieving the maximum growth of their natural capital and the associated financial gains.

Harley Stoddart

“Sandy’s already scientifically the most precise and easy to use digital assistant for farmers, and it continues to learn from all stakeholders. It’s our hope that through this partnership no stone is left unturned to deliver scientific and technological excellence to support farmers through this evolution.”

Harley Stoddart, AHDB’s Senior Agri-Environment Scientist, will be joining Trinity AgTech’s Scientific Board as its 33rd member, and says: “I am looking forward to working with Trinity AgTech and believe the collaboration with AHDB will greatly benefit the industry. Our partnership will work to further enhance the science behind the tools and services farmers need to measure and report their sustainability performance. This will empower them to make more informed decisions to meet the challenges and opportunities of delivering reduced emissions, improving biodiversity and increasing profitability.”

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