Algifol now available in high-volume RBCs

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MJP Supplies, the UK distributor of Algifol, is offering the seaweed-derived biostimulant in 1,000 litre RBCs as of March 2023.

The introduction of this new high-volume RBCs was prompted by a rise in orders from large-scale farmers and liquid fertiliser manufacturers keen to blend Algifol into their products.

Marcus Palmer, manager owner at MJP Supplies, said: “We have always offered bulk orders for farmers wanting to buy, say, a year’s supply of Algifol. These orders were always quite cumbersome to deliver, and we’d have to use several containers. In the last six months, we’ve been approached by people working for some of the larger agri-chemical manufacturers looking to incorporate the benefits of Algifol, such as improving nitrogen uptake, stress resistance and enhanced root structures, into their products. With the volumes they’ve been ordering, it made sense to ship Algifol in RBCs.

“With ag-flation continuing to rise, the high cost of nitrogen and a desire from farmers to secure the best possible price per litre, we’ve seen an increasing number of enquiries from large-scale farmers wanting to buy Algifol in large quantities and at our best prices. We will be adding Algifol in RBCs to our website shortly. They will have a four week delivery time, so we’d encourage people to talk to us as early as possible if they’re wanting to place an order.”

Algifol is derived from brown algae, which is dried and refined. The result is an entirely natural liquid boasting a wealth of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, polyuronides and growth-regulating plant hormones.

Algifol’s manufacturer, Neomed Pharma, says the biostimulant is a natural nitrogen source due to the high presence of amino acids and peptides. This makes Algifol ideal for combined use with reduced amounts of N fertiliser. When used with a reduced amount of fertiliser, Algifol naturally improves the nitrogen use efficiency of the crop, producing a better yield and reducing the use of costly fertilisers.

As well as RBCs, Algifol is available in one-litre and 10-litre cans directly from

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