Accurate application with new 24 metre applicator

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Chris Cole of CD Cole Contracting (Norfolk), Hingham, Norfolk is thrilled with his new applicator for Avadex Excel 15G which will help in the continuing battle against black-grass. The new applicator built by Richard Lapage of RWL Services Ltd in Suffolk and includes a number of Horstine metering elements which add to the overall accuracy of delivering the tri-allate granules in both winter wheat and winter barley.

“This new applicator has a 24 metre boom with 4 sections and twin hoppers that can hold 50 bags of Avadex granules at a time. I think we should be able to treat between 80 to 100 hectares of cereals a day with it, depending on how spread out the fields are on the farm. Accuracy of application is very important as you cannot afford to miss any black-grass. For this reason we use Horstine metering technology, utilising PDA (Positive Displacement Application), where each individual outlet across the boom is fed by its own metering rotor. The 1 metre outlet spacing’s also ensures there is a double overlap between each outlet so there are no missed areas.”

Richard adds that the metering system is controlled by  Wizard automatic rate controllers which ensures accurate application. “Chris has also added an auto section shut-off system and autosteer, both controlled by GPS.”

Chris says that he is already booking up more Avadex Granule applications in Norfolk, North Suffolk and Cambridgeshire from both existing and new customers for this autumn. “Black-grass is such a difficult issue and Avadex Granules applied pre-emergence will add to the levels of control. Farmers are getting ready to start their black-grass control programme. More and more are using Avadex Granules this year.”

The use of the residual herbicide Avadex Excel 15G has increased year on year for the past eight years and demand is expected to increase once again this autumn, says Dominic Lamb, UK and Ireland country manager for Gowan.  “Why? Because Avadex (tri-allate) applied pre-emergence is regarded as the essential start to any black-grass programme in cereals. Its use in a programme along with flufenacet-based herbicide can add on average 15% control of this very difficult and competitive grass-weed.“

Avadex can be used in the autumn or spring and Chris Cole says he is geared up for use pre-em in spring barley next year. “Many growers in the Eastern counties have moved away from the winter-dominant rotation and have introduced more spring barley, probably to the detriment of winter oilseed rape. I will be ready to treat cereals in the autumn and next spring,” he says.

Dominic reminds growers that Avadex granules are approved for use in winter and spring wheat, winter barley and spring barley, with EAMUs for winter rye and triticale, winter and spring linseed, Canary grass and Miscanthus. “In a programme it adds to the overall black-grass control as well as having an effect on wild- oats, rye-grass and brome species. Avadex also has some effect on key broad leaved including cleavers, charlock, chickweed, poppy, field pansy, speedwell, forget-me-now, fumitory, mayweeds and red deadnettle.”

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