Advena KWS combines high yield with exceptionally low bolting

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New to the BBRO Recommended List for 2020 from KWS is Advena KWS, a high yielding variety with exceptionally low bolting performance.

The second of a new generation of varieties from Europe’s most successful sugar beet breeder, Advena KWS joins last year’s addition, KORTESSA KWS as a variety suitable for every farm.

“Advena KWS has a yield of 104.0% of controls putting it in the top four of varieties on the 2019 RL while its exceptionally low number of bolters, the lowest of all top five varieties, makes it suitable for drilling in both the early and normal sowing windows,” says Ben Bishop, KWS sugar beet UK country manager.

“A sugar content of 18.2%, the second joint highest on the Recommended List, supports a sugar yield of 103.9% of controls while an adjusted yield of 104% of controls combined with the best all-round bolting profile of any recommended variety will ensure Advena KWS appeals to all growers,” he adds.

Advena KWS sits neatly alongside Kortessa KWS and beet cyst nematode tolerant variety, DAPHNA in the top four highest yielders proving that it is possible to spread risk across a range of varieties without suffering a yield penalty or worrying about nematodes or bolters.

One characteristic of Advena KWS Mr Bishop is keen to highlight is its disease resistance. The Recommended List only includes a score for rust instead of scores for both rust and powdery mildew as there has been too little powdery mildew disease data in recent years to support a meaningful score.

“Advena KWS has a score of 5 which is average for varieties on the Recommended List though this should be seen in the context that disease resistance for all varieties has improved in recent years as breeders have succeeded in producing varieties with stronger resistance.  That said, growers may wish to consider lifting Advena KWS earlier,” says Mr Bishop.

Smart Janninka KWS joins the 2019 BBRO Recommended List

The first sugar beet variety tolerant to ALS herbicides, Smart Janninka KWS, was also added to the BBRO Recommended List for 2020.

“Smart Janninka KWS is the first of a new generation of varieties to feature tolerance to ALS herbicides for use in the Conviso® SMART weed control system for sugar beet,” says Mr Bishop.

When to sow Smart Janninka KWS will be a decision best taken by growers in consultation with their advisers, but where it is considered suitable growers can be confident that yields will be close to that of some established varieties.

“When grown using the dedicated herbicide, Smart Janninka KWS yields close to that of some established varieties on the Recommended List,” explains Mr Bishop.

“This should give those wishing to sow sugar beet where the weed burden would previously exclude sugar beet from that land the confidence to sow without suffering a significant yield penalty,” he adds.


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