Award-winning ArableAware podcast returns for Season Two

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Adama’s award-winning ArableAware podcast has returned with the launch of its second season of programmes which are aimed at providing UK arable growers with the latest crop protection news and advice.

In show one of the new season, which is available to download now, Adama’s fungicides and herbicides technical specialists, Andy Bailey and David Roberts, are in Hampshire with Will Butler, Farm Director of Whitewool Farm, to look at how his cereals have fared over the winter, what the season ahead might hold in terms of disease and weed pressures and his strategies for fungicide control programmes.

The new show also includes pre-recorded interviews with Lincolnshire grower, Simon Gadd, and Steve May, farm manager at Fromant and Sanders in Northamptonshire, who share their cropping insights, disease pressures and black-grass problems.

The cast are also joined by Sam WatsonJones and Robin Jackson from The Small Robot company who talk about the success of their recent crowdfunding campaign and how their prototype Robot Tom is using new technologies to make arable farming more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

The ArableAware podcast is available via iTunes and Spotify.  Alternatively, the latest episode can also be downloaded from Adama’s Precision Crop Protection hub at

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