#Beet150 initiative offers two growers a trip to Chile

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To support growers intent on pushing sugar beet yields higher, Bayer is offering the chance of a trip to Chile for two growers making significant progress in raising performance.

Sugar beet yields in Chile are truly impressive with Chilean grower Barbara Becker who farms south of the capital, Santiago, setting a new world record in 2017 with an adjusted yield of 196.7t/ha.

#Beet150 will reward the registered grower with the highest yielding sugar beet contract in the 2018-19 season, and the grower with the highest yielding individual field lifted before 30th November.

Edward Hagues, Bayer root crops campaign manager, explains that participating growers will receive regular advice and support during the season.

“We want to see what the highest possible UK yield is. We are asking participants to push the crop to its limits and see if 2018 can be the year that a record of 150t/Ha is achieved.”

To support growers Bayer is offering on-farm advice from its team of technical managers and external consultants, which could include aerial crop surveillance to help with weed, nutritional and disease management, soil nutrient analysis to identify deficits and inform decisions as to how they may be corrected, and root digs to inform yield forecasts.

The competition is open to all British Sugar growers, but those wishing to take part must complete the entry form on the Bayer website (www.https://cropscience.bayer.co.uk/your-crop/sugar-beet/beet150/) by 29th March.

In addition, growers interested in following the fortunes of entered growers and picking up tips and advice on growing their own crops can sign up through the Bayer website for regular updates.

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