Biscaya given Emergency Use green light in sugar beet

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An Emergency Use Approval for Biscaya (thiacloprid) has been granted in sugar beet in England. The dose rate for the coming season has been reduced from 0.4 litres/ha to 0.3 litres/ha.

It has recently been announced that this is the last season that this product can be used in the UK and the European Union, with a latest sell by date to farmers of 3 August 2020 and a last use by date of 3 February 2021; the latter is also the last day for storage and disposal.

 “It is good news for English sugar beet growers that they have a second product in their armoury this year for the control of aphids and the viral diseases that they spread,” says Bayer Crop Science’s Head of Business, Michael Muncey. “We would ask farmers and advisors to work together to ensure the new requirement for an 18 metre aquatic buffer zone in beet is observed, that any decision to spray is based on good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practice, and that thresholds are adhered to.

 “We are also aware that there are some genuine concerns about the supply of Biscaya this year. Not surprisingly given the fact that this is the last year of sales, there has been a limited production of Biscaya for the UK and European market for 2020, but at the point of applying for an Emergency Use Approval, we believed we had secured sufficient stocks to supply the market.

 “However, we have become aware in the last week, that due to some technical problems at a production level, most of our last delivery of this product to the UK will not now be sent. As a result, there is a shortfall in the amount of Biscaya required to meet the anticipated demand of all sectors wanting to use this product.

 “We would like to apologise to many of our customers for the issues and uncertainty that this announcement will undoubtedly cause, given that there are so few options now available for the control of insects in the UK. It is especially disappointing with the extraordinary pressure all supply chains have been under for the last six weeks due to the current pandemic. Of the 90 products in our portfolio, Biscaya is the one product for which we have struggled to meet all the demands at this time.

 “Therefore, we would ask growers to work closely with their distribution partners to work out where the best use of the product will be.”

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