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One of the main sticking points with precision farming has always been moving data from one system or machine to another one. However, with modern cloud computer systems, it is possible to connect systems together to transfer data, which means that the user doesn’t have to handle any data.

Developments to the Omnia Precision Agronomy software system mean that it is now possible to connect Omnia to MyJohnDeere to transfer data from one system to the other, “ explains Oliver Wood, precision technology manager for Hutchinsons.

“This allows field boundaries to be shared between the systems ensuring that field areas and boundaries are the same and that the boundary the user sees in the GreenStar display is the same as they see in Omnia.”

“So now moving yield maps into Omnia from MyJohnDeere is a very straightforward process. Sending variable rate files from Omnia to MyJohnDeere is very easy.”

For both the yield maps and variable rate files, the user doesn’t have to handle any of the data files, points out Mr Wood.

“The process is made even easier if the user has got JDLink on their machines. This means that variable rate files can be send from Omnia straight to the tractor and yield data can go from the combine to Omnia.”

“This is the first development like this within Omnia and there will be more to follow with other manufacturers during 2018.”

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