Corteva release Sustainability Report for 2022

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Corteva Agriscience has released its 2022 Sustainability and ESG Report detailing the company’s goals to help farmers to be more productive and resilient, preserve biodiversity, reduce the climate impact of its operations and increase inclusion, diversity and equity within its workforce.

Chuck Magro, chief executive officer of Corteva Agriscience, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We are working to solve complex food and energy security challenges while preserving the long-term health and viability of farmland and other natural resources.”

The report shares that approximately 90% of new crop protection products and all new seed products now meet the company’s sustainability criteria, which are aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Additional sustainability efforts in 2022 include the purchase of Stoller Group and Symborg to position Corteva as one of the largest biological plant health companies in the world; receiving seven-year amended Environmental Protection Agency registrations for Enlist One® and Enlist Duo® herbicides; and the introduction of Sosdia™ Stress, a biostimulant that enhances crop resilience against stressors like drought, excessive heat or sunlight.

Sam Eathington, chief technology and chief digital officer at Corteva Agriscience, said: “Our Research and Development teams are focused on developing sustainable solutions that increase productivity and profitability potential while improving resilience to increasing weed, insect, disease, and extreme weather pressures and protecting our natural resources.

“Our innovation engine is delivering solutions that give farmers more options to improve yield potential and minimize inputs to build whole-farm systems that are strong and stable.”

The company is also making progress towards its Inclusion Diversity and Equity goals, including increasing the number of women in management roles by 6% and being named in Newsweek’s America’s Most Responsible Companies list in 2022.

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