Croptec sees launch of innovative new products and spray application work from Life Scientific

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Following on from the highly successful launch of its unique off-patent  mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron products Niantic and Cintac last year, Life Scientific will introduce its newest products to the UK arable market at this year’s Croptec event.

Visitors to the Life Scientific stand will have the chance to discuss these exciting new approvals with key representatives from Life Scientific and also discuss the results of its latest spray application trials.

“We are delighted to announce several new product approvals, as well as extensions of use for some established products, reflecting our continuing investment in the UK arable market,” says Bill Lankford, Life Scientific UK country manager.

Revel (difenoconazole 250g/L EC) is a fungicide for the control of stem canker, light leaf spot, leaf and pod spot in winter and spring oilseed rape crops, as well as leaf spot and ring spot in edible brassicas.

Sumir (florasulam 50g/L SC) is a post emergence herbicide for the control of cleavers and broad-leaved weeds in winter and spring crops of wheat, barley and oats.

“We also continue to work hard to develop additional recommendations for products already in the market place; our azoxystrobin registered product Azoxystar is now approved not just for use in cereals and potatoes, but also field beans and a wide-range of field grown vegetables.”

“Last spring Azoxystar also received an extension of authorisation for minor use (EAMU) for Sclerotinia control in soya beans.”

“Recent approval has been received for the addition of Niantic and Cintac as new convenient tank mix or sequences with Sumir.”

Life Scientific’s range of products are unique in that they are focussed on identical formulations of brand leaders and have full generic registration, there are no parallel imports, points out Bill.

“The only fundamental difference to the original reference products is price; ours will cost less than the brand leader, so for growers and agronomists looking at their costs of production as we head into an era of intense financial scrutiny, we are offering crop protection solutions genuinely worthy of consideration.”

New independent trials work on nozzle selection and boom height

Since the launch of its mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron herbicides Niantic and Cintac at last year’s Croptec event, Life Scientific has invested significant resource on a series of trials looking at optimising the performance of these products with regards to nozzle type and height.

Independent application expert, Tom Robinson, conducted the trials on behalf of Life Scientific.

“We tested a range of nozzles at different boom heights on black-grass, looking specifically at the coverage on vertical surfaces doubled at 40, 50cm vs 100cm using a range of nozzle types that are typically found on farm. “

“Results were very interesting and varied between nozzles and boom heights – underlining the importance for operators to fully understand how to ensure sprays hit the target to deliver the best levels of control.”

Visitors to the Life Scientific stand at Croptec will be able to see the results of these trials and discuss how to implement them on farm.

For a comprehensive list of all Life Scientific products and technical updates, please visit the Life Scientific website

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