Dorset company selected for exclusive China innovation trip

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Seed equipment suppliers Evans and Pearce is delighted to have been selected to be part of the Global Business Innovation Programme ‘Technology Visit to China’ in March this year.

Managing Director Rob White, applied to be one of the fifteen nationally selected companies, after recently returning to the UK, following a visit to New Zealand to see customers.  The planned trip will provide exclusive access to the Chinese Agri-Tech sector whilst meeting some of China’s Agri-Tech companies and research organisations.

China’s Agriculture sector accounts for only 9% of GDP, yet the industry employs over 320 million people.  China has to feed 1/5thof the world’s population, from only 1/10thof its arable land.  The challenge of feeding a growing nation has long been a major concern.

“This really is a unique opportunity, which I am thrilled to have been selected to take part in” Rob said.  “Whilst I know the scope of how the trip is planned out on paper, I am sure it will be a huge learning curve.  The chance to visit a Research and Development Centre, discuss Agricultural Science/Technology Developments and the challenges they face, is one that as a farming enthusiast and secondly, a business owner, is truly exciting.  It would be great to think some of our knowledge of crop ventilation may help China store crops more efficiently, and in doing so reduce any wastage.  Until I am there, I really do not know what to expect.”

Mr White is especially looking forward to increasing his knowledge and understanding from some of the masters of research and development, which underpins all that Evans and Pearce stands for and has strived to do, over the past 50 years.


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