Double delight for Mzuri at LAMMA 2018 Innovation Awards

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The Pro-Til Xzact striptill precision seeder by British manufacturer Mzuri Ltd, has won not one but two prestigious trophies at this year’s LAMMA Innovation Awards whereas the Mzuri Razorback self-levelling hedgecutter was awarded a Certificate of Merit.

The innovative seeder was chosen to be the winner of the ‘Best Product or Innovation for the Environment’ Category and awarded the IAgrE Ivel Trophy for its positive impact on the environment. The high standard of engineering and innovation of the Pro-Til Xzact was further acknowledged by the judges with the product going on to become the Overall Winner of the Awards and receiving the David Baggaley Memorial Cup.

Marking a huge advance in seeding technology, the innovative Mzuri Pro-Til Xzact combines a striptill drill and a precision seeder in just one piece of equipment, meaning that one drill can now seed all types of arable and precision crops – in a single pass.

Pro-Til Xzact delivers exceptional seeding accuracy, typically awarded by conventional precision seeding drills, in a form of a single pass drill. The precision striptill approach eliminates ploughing and power-harrowing operations which are widely recognised as huge contributors to erosion and loss of moisture.

Capable of drilling straight into previous crop residue, the Pro-Til Xzact precision striptill drill has been proven to retain moisture, reduce soil and water erosion and improve soil structure whilst cutting diesel requirement by up to 80% compared with conventional seeding – without penalty to the yields.

The Xzact system features an electronic precision seeding unit and coulter assembly to deliver single seed placement whilst the constant hydraulic pressure exerted onto each coulter arm ensures the seeding depth accuracy.

The system uses adjustable-pressure vacuum metering to accurately space crops, regardless of the seed size. Each unit contains a metering disc and a singulator to prevent skips or doubles and is driven by an electric motor which maintains the same seeding distance at variable speeds.

The mini hoppers on the Pro-Til Xzact drill are automatically replenished by a bulk fill mechanism on each metering unit directly from the Pro-Til’s main 2800 litre seeding tank, thus extending the drilling time and reducing downtime.

Mzuri’s second entry, the Razorback self-levelling rotary hedgecutter, was also recognised with a Certificate of Merit in the ‘Best Product or Innovation in Technology’ Category.

Incorporating innovative self-levelling technology, Razorback is a rotary hedgecutter with smart Co-Pilot device that delivers increased productivity, ease of use and superior results.

Martin Lole, managing director at Mzuri Ltd said: “We are delighted to have won the prestigeous IAgrE Ivel and David Baggaley Memorial Trophies this year. As a manufacturer of conservation equipment, soil and wildlife preservation have always been high on our agenda. We pride ourselves in producing highly engineered products that last and make our customers’ operations more efficient, whilst preserving the land for future generations. Pro-Til Xzact and Razorback designs build on years of innovation at Mzuri, with the company receiving a number of international awards over the past few years.”



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