DSV introduce double layered TUYV resistant oilseed rape featured at CropTec

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DSV UK is previewing its first ever ‘double layered’ PNN hybrid oilseed rape at CropTec 2017 alongside new maize and wheat varieties.

Temptation, which has just been drilled in RL candidate trials this Autumn, is the company’s first ever oilseed rape to feature full genetic resistance to Turnip Yellow Virus (TuYV), says DSV UK managing director Mike Mann.

“There are worrying signs that TuYV is becoming a growing threat to UK producers with indications it is now endemic across the UK with 2017 seeing a growing number of cases so there is real pressure on breeders to address this through genetics.

“It’s a potentially serious situation as the disease can have a significant affect on both yields and oil content and can rob you of production without you really knowing it. Even insecticide treated sites can show 5 – 7% loss, and in an untreated situation this can reach 20% or more.

“Working with our colleagues in Germany, we’re confident that virtually all new DSV varieties will carry TuYV resistance with trials across Europe showing very impressive results.’’

Temptation is the first of these to be introduced to the UK and has genuine genetic resistance to TuYV being impervious to the greater effects of the disease, he explains.

“Temptation also has excellent early vigour, typical of other DSV varieties like Incentive 45 and Sparrow 45 – so called because of their outstanding growth in the first 45 days after drilling.

“It is also our first double-layered PNN variety. In the past DSV’S single layered PNN varieties have had multi-gene resistance to light leaf spot and phoma stem canker but Temptation adds another additional layer with its TuYV resistance.”

DSV also has three new wheat varieties, currently in their second year of National List trials, which are showing great promise, Mike Mann adds.

“We have a high yielding feed wheat with excellent disease portfolio, a group 3 biscuit variety with very strong agronomic characteristics and an excellent bread maker featuring the highest combination of Hagburg falling number, specific weight and protein levels of all the current NL2 varieties and controls.”

Expedia is DSV’s new maize variety being marketed this year in the UK, he says.

“Following the success of Movanna and LikeIt for UK growers, Expedia is a mid to early variety with an exceptional yield, a strong disease package and excellent vigour making it ideal for both dairy farmers and the AD sector.”




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