Government infrastructure plans proposes huge changes for rural areas

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The Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) say that the government has earmarked £640 billion worth of public and private investment to go towards new infrastructure. 

Electricity generation and distribution, to meet the demand for greater self-sufficient and net zero targets, will be particularly important, says Rebecca Collins, CAAV technical and policy adviser.

“There will be over 30 million electric vehicles by 2040 and electricity demand by 2050 could be double that of today,” Ms Collins explains.

With that, more solar and wind farms, nuclear power and a significantly upgraded national grid system will come. “We might see more permitted development rights for small scale solar and easier planning permission for large-scale projects,” adds Ms Collins.

She also notes that housing is another focus, with a target of building 300,000 new homes across the country each year, which could provide opportunities for landowners in target development areas.

Less popular will be HS2 and road developments, alongside water, telecoms and climate change mitigation measures, some of which may require compulsory purchase.

However, all development will be required to comply with tighter environmental regulation – which offers farmers potential opportunity to generate payments from Environmental Land Management schemes.

For example, housing development will need to produce a 10% gain in biodiversity and, in a growing number of river catchments, must be nutrient neutral.

This means that farmers – particularly those close to such development – could sell management measures like reed beds to reduce phosphate pollution or flower strips to boost pollinators. “Early indications are that deals are being made at £5,000-£7,500 per house,” says Ms Collins. “There are certainly lots of opportunities ahead so it’s important to keep abreast of the changes to maximise the chances of a successful arrangement.”

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