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Tellus Natural Capital, a specialist consultancy focussed on advising landowners and farmers on the opportunities for natural capital, officially launched today with an event in London.

Tellus Natural Capital advises landowners on the assessment of natural capital assets and the potential for creating new income streams from public funds and private investment. It helps landowners and farmers work together at the scale needed to attract real investment, as well as introducing private investors to these ready-made markets. Furthermore, the company advises all these parties on how to contribute to the natural capital policy debate.

The launch comes at an exciting time for the natural capital sector, with ideas around rural land use evolving rapidly. Tellus Natural Capital aims to be fully focussed on this specialist area and its team is able to draw on decades of experience in land management and rural policy in order to best advise the landowning and farming community on the new opportunities available to them.

Tellus Natural Capital works with a range of entities within the landowning and farming community, including private estates, public or third sector organisations, and individual farming businesses looking to restore and enhance their natural capital assets. Additionally, the company can advise ESG-driven firms looking to invest in natural capital, as well as other interested stakeholders such as policy-makers and non-government organisations. Based in England, Tellus Natural Capital operates across the UK, in partnership with other organisations or as lead consultants.

Speaking at the launch of Tellus Natural Capital, chief operating officer Kate Russell explained the importance of natural capital to the wider sustainability debate.

She said “While environmental campaigners may have led the way in raising awareness about the ‘twin crises’ of climate change and biodiversity loss, real change can only happen if private landowners see the benefits of getting involved. Our aim with Tellus Natural Capital is to facilitate this change through active partnerships between private landowners and investors”.

Director Andrew Stone was similarly excited about the launch of Tellus Natural Capital and spoke of the huge potential of natural capital investment, not only for the environment but also for investors.

He added “In an ever changing tax and regulatory environment, landowners have an opportunity to assess and monetise their own natural capital. Whether such natural capital opportunities consist of carbon sequestration or sustainable energy (hydro, wind or solar) for example, they all will benefit the environment and create real value for landowners and UK corporations. Tellus’s role is to help landowners do a base line assessment of their natural capital assets, guide and facilitate on the monetisation of these assets and pair them up with other interested parties”.

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