Revolutionary independent suite of software will support farmers to take control and capture the full value of their natural capital.

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The first in a suite of complementary software from Trinity AgTech was launched last week with Sandy, a new simple-to-use digital assistant. Sandy allows farmers to accurately and independently assess their farm’s sustainability. It will help them plan their path to greater profitability, provide robust provenance for their produce and capitalise on the natural assets they care for.

Sandy is designed to support farmers as they face unprecedented change in farm subsidies and customer preferences. Sandy addresses concerns over the soundness of existing tools, and uncertainty in agricultural markets – it helps farmers take control and achieve their ambition.

Among Sandy’s core tools are carbon footprint and biodiversity assessments; it manages and optimises livestock feed strategy; there’s management at a subfield level, monitoring crop performance, growth, nutrient status and yield prediction; Sandy analyses productivity and financial performance at farm, crop and field level.

Commenting on the launch, Trinity AgTech’s Senior Managing Director, Richard Williamson, who is former Managing Director and Farms Director of Beeswax Farming and Velcourt respectively said:

“Our industry is changing, and Sandy has come at a time when farmers are being forced to ask themselves how their business will evolve. But within this change, there are opportunities for farmers to capture different and diverse income streams. However, farmers need clear, independent and robust information to succeed in these.

“Sandy is trusted and credible software, using the latest science and technology that helps farmers achieve new heights in environmental progress and financial prosperity while adding greater credibility to their traced provenance. It’s the digital assistant I’ve been looking for in my farming career.”

Sandy was developed by a team of more than 30 scientists and engineers in consultation with farmers and industry leaders who sit on Trinity AgTech’s Advisory Council.  Major retailers, banks and cooperatives also back the use of the software.

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An integrated solution for farmers and stakeholders, the software processes the vast array of data available to farmers through an intuitive, easy-to-use range of tools. They bring clarity, credibility and evidence to farmers striving to achieve their ambitions where all too often these are clouded by noise, mistruths and biased theory. Sandy captures every aspect of financial and environmental contribution, delivering precision and simplicity to all stakeholders, stripping out friction, delay and cost from the system.

Jake Freestone, 2020 Soil Farmer of the Year and Farm Manager of Overbury Enterprises, will be trialling Sandy and is excited about its ability for managing and monetising a path for farmers towards net-zero and biodiversity targets.

“For years at Overbury, we’ve worked hard to develop a rich and diverse farming system, improved the health and biology of our soils, provided habitats for its wildlife to thrive and a vibrant rural setting for the local community. It’s how we grow our crops, look after our animals and care for our countryside, and we want to capture those values in the produce that leaves our farm and the services we provide.

“With the quality of science underpinning it and the industry backing it’s achieved, Sandy looks set to deliver what we’re looking for. It can pull into one place and make sense of the many data sources we have. It looks to provide clarity and precision through a range of tools that are remarkably easy to use. I hope Sandy will help direct us on our path to building local markets for food with trusted provenance and opportunities to capitalise on emerging income streams.”

With the ability to integrate and work alongside most existing farm management and financial recording tools, Sandy is now available for farmers looking to make their wealth of data work for them and can request a demonstration with one of the Trinity AgTech engineers via the website,

“Regardless of your farm size, enterprise mix or location, Sandy can guide you on your path towards an integrated business case focusing on people, planet and profit. It will ensure that you, your family and your farm business can face the future with confidence,” said Mr Williamson.

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