Farmplan: Gatekeeper/John Deere major integration update readies launch

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Farmplan, the UK’s leading agricultural software specialists, have announced a Gatekeeper update that delivers integration with John Deere Gen 4 yield data.  The long-anticipated update will be ready in time for harvest.

“For twenty years, we have put spatial information into the hands of growers and their agronomists so that they can make better decisions and improve their crop,” says Sarah Alexander, Arable Commercial product manager at Farmplan. “Our working relationship with John Deere has existed for nearly the same length of time. We have worked closely with John Deere – including local dealers – to make sure this update is fully integrated and seamless from day one.”

Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander

Gatekeeper is a widely used and trusted crop management tool for farmers, agronomists and advisors.  In addition to satisfying legislative and compliance requirements, the ability to monitor costs and analyse performance, Gatekeeper enables users to import and export data from a wide range of devices.  This means that their crop records and device data can be managed all in one place and viewed over a farm map.  The John Deere Gen 4 integration will be released in phases, starting with Yield data.   This new functionality will enable users to import yield maps, and therefore view the variation in performance across the field.  This information can then be used to make more informed management decisions.

Phase 2 – planned next – will support the import of As Applied data from Gen 4 devices, for example seed, fertiliser and pesticide data.

The new update will allow data to be imported after being downloaded from the in-cab device or John Deere Operations Centre, or by using the Cloud connection from Gatekeeper to

“We appreciate that many farmers in the UK have been waiting a while for this update,” says Chris Wiltshire, Marketing Manager at John Deere. “We have heard you. This is a substantial upgrade and has taken a great deal of time and hard work to build. Farmplan have worked closely with us to make this a reality. We’d like to thank Farmplan for their diligent work and our users for their patience and trust.”

“The new upgrade will be available in early July,” adds Sarah. “We are testing and refining this update right up to release to ensure the best possible user experience. We look forward to continuing our work alongside John Deere to make farming more precise and profitable for all Gen 4 users.”

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