Fieldwise LIVE brings national trials to your screen

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For crop production specialists Hutchinsons, its business as usual. “Farming is not standing still because of the coronavirus and neither are we. We understand the importance of trials results on both a national and regional level to help our agronomists to make the right decisions for their farmer clients, ” says Stuart Hill, head of technology and innovation.

“This means that we will continue investing in our national and regional trials sites this year as we do every season. Our unique national Helix project will continue to look at innovative and relevant technologies and techniques that can make positive impacts on farm sustainability and profitability.”

“We also recognise that no two farms or fields are the same, and what works well for one won’t necessarily work for another. Therefore the work that we do at out regional technology centres throughout the country on a range of soil types, crops and inputs will continue unabated throughout the season.”

The only difference will be the way in which we share the results, he adds.

“Not able to rely on growers coming to us for open days to discuss trials results – we are bringing open days to the grower – this is Fieldwise LIVE.”

“Our aim is to bring live in-season regular updates on what is happening in crops throughout the season to your screens; with seven regional technical centres, the Helix project, and our maize, brassica and potato trial sites, we are well placed to be able to deliver this.”

This will be done through a series of live videos from all of our trials sites at regular intervals during the season, which will be hosted on our new website, he explains.

By logging onto the bespoke Fieldwise LIVE section on our website, it will be possible to access these videos to see in real-time the latest on how crops are progressing through the season and listen to the best advice on how to manage them, from our leading technical experts and agronomists, who are fully equipped and ready to roll!

We will also be using all of our social media channels such as Twitter @Hutchinsons_ag and our Facebook page to externalise our findings, so look out for these.

“We recognise that it’s not the same as the real thing – we enjoy and value the face-to-face interaction with growers coming to our open days as much as we hope they do – but we just have to recognise that this is not going to be possible for this summer,” says Mr Hill.

“However we hope that by bringing live trials reports and updates from our national trials sites we can continue to support farmers as much as possible in these challenging times.”


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