Final chance to maximise grain fill with sugar optimiser

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Following a tough season, cereal growers have a final chance to increase grain fill and boost yield by using a unique product that relocates sugars found in plants.

3 ALO t6p contains a precursor and unique signalling compound of the sugar regulating Trehalose pathway, which manages plant processes such as balancing carbohydrates, including sucrose. As the main fuel generated by photosynthesis, sucrose is key to the development of cereal grains.

John Haywood, Director of Unium Bioscience, said: “By relocating carbohydrates into grain and supporting the plant’s internal physiology, we can have a significant impact on crop yield.

“The bigger we can make each grain, the greater the weight and therefore yield, with replicated trials showing the product can achieve an 8% yield increase.

“3 ALO t6p also improves a plant’s response to environmental stresses, particularly drought. It’s been a difficult year for crops, coming off the back of flooding straight into drought conditions with uneven temperatures, so stress has always been high.”

Proof of concept studies investigate the physiology of the Trehalose pathway and how it can be manipulated for crop benefit, including drought management. By appropriately balancing the allocation of carbohydrates, the impact of stress on grain fill and yield is reduced.

Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan

This new development marks a breakthrough in not only crop science, but also in providing solutions that help farmers to overcome difficult seasons more easily.

Head of Research and Development at Agrovista, Craig Morgan, said: “Anything we can do to maximise the crop’s potential and improve its resilience through to harvest will be invaluable – it’s that final push.

“Part of our new Innovation Range, 3ALO t6p is a new product that offers something completely different to other similar products such as biostimulants and amino acids. We are excited to share it with our growers.”


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