First Showing of wider 5.5m Combi-Disc at LAMMA

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A new wider 5.5m trailed Combi Disc will be on show for the first time on the OPICO stand [B10] at LAMMA 2018, extending this versatile and popular range of multi-purpose cultivators.

With a new option to add twin 600mm V-Profile rollers, this latest 5.5m version will offer a high output, all-round machine designed to subsoil, surface cultivate and consolidate in one pass, with the roller adding optimal weather-proof consolidation.

Adaptability and ease of adjustment are key features of the popular Combi-disc range, with both the depth of the subsoiler legs and discs being hydraulically adjustable from the tractor seat, allowing the operator to make accurate and easy adjustments from the comfort of the cab.

Unique to the 4.5m and 5.5m folding versions, is the ability to hydraulically lift out and fold up the sub-soiling legs. This feature allows the Combi-disc to be used effectively to work down ploughed land, using the two rows of discs and the press roller. When the Subsoiling tines are not in use a lower horsepower tractor can also be put to task incorporating stubble and crop residues. Finally, the discs can also be hydraulically lifted out of work, whilst leaving the tines in place, enabling the machine to be used as a subsoiler.

Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO’s managing director said, ‘These extremely flexible machines are becoming increasingly popular due to their adaptability, ease of use and high work rate. We are delighted to add the new 550 Combi-disc to the range to satisfy the demand for a wider working width, achieving even higher work rates.

The 550 Combi disc offers:

  • Nine shearbolt or hydraulic reset tines, which subsoil to a 400mm depth, with quick-change replaceable points;
  • 370mm leg stagger minimising horsepower demand;
  • 510mm diameter scalloped Sabre discs which follow the subsoiler legs to cut and mix to a depth of 125mm (5″). The two rows of opposing discs are hydraulically adjustable and, as they are pushed deeper in the soil, the angle of the disc is automatically altered, increasing their aggressiveness, to thoroughly mix and chop crop residues;
  • 700mm single V-Press roller, or optional 600mm Twin V-press roller for weatherproof consolidation;
  • hydraulic folding with a transport width of 2.61m and automatic transport locks;
  • lights as standard.

The new 550 Combi Disc will be on the OPICO stand [B10] at LAMMA. It starts at £60,828+ VAT.


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