Flexible umbilical application system linkage for user-friendly, high-precision liquid manure spreading

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Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG has further developed its BackPac umbilical application system linkage, and is launching the BackPac2: an optimized special system for umbilical application systems with working widths up to 30 meters. The linkage is available as a dribble bar and trailing shoe, and offers outstanding robustness and flexibility. “With the BackPac2, we attached particular importance to providing the driver with all relevant data such as application rate and pressure in an intelligent control system in the cab. In this way, the driver always spreads liquid manure precisely and in a soil-friendly manner, irrespective of the manure properties and soil contour,” says Henning Ahlers, head of sales Germany at Vogelsang.

Intelligent control from the driver terminal
Vogelsang equipped the BackPac2 with its own electro-hydraulic system for more user-friendly handling. Drivers can control them via ISOBUS from the tractor terminal or from a dedicated terminal without ISOBUS. For optimized liquid manure spreading, Vogelsang can also equip the umbilical application system linkage with flow rate and pressure measuring systems in the supply lines on request. The driver sees the data in the terminal and can adjust the flow rate if required. A simple touch of a button is all it takes to fold the linkage in and out to any working width.

Automated headland management also simplifies the umbilical application system: If the driver doesn’t want to spread liquid manure on the headland, he can close the two section cut-off valves, switch off the distributor and raise the lifting device – if installed – at the push of a button. After turning, the driver returns the linkage to the original spreading position again afterwards.

If liquid manure is spread on the headland, the left or right section cut-off valves can also be closed at the push of a button, independent of the turning manoeuvre. This prevents over fertilization on the headland. If a mast is available, it is raised automatically. This protects the linkage from damage.

Robust and flexible construction
The side arms of the BackPac2 are even more stable and, as a result, they can withstand heavy loads when spreading liquid manure and when folding in and out. Mr Ahlers adds: “The integrated pendulum compensation of the BackPac2 allows the user to optimally align the slurry distribution to the existing ground contour. Even in difficult terrain, active intervention by the driver is possible.”

The user is also flexible in the choice of the precision distributor for exact spreading of nutrients. Depending on the properties of the liquid manure and preferred distribution technology, the ExaCut, ECL and ETX distributors can be installed. In the new BackPac2, the distributor is positioned centrally. The hose lengths are thus better distributed and moves the linkage centre of gravity closer to the tractor when retracted, providing a more enjoyable driving experience. With a compact transport width of 2.55 meters, driving on roads is also uncomplicated and the driver’s view is clear.


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