Fogging Contractors confirm last date for CIPC application

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At a recent meeting of the NAAC Post Harvest Treatment Group, contractors and self-applicators endorsed the AHDB/Industry position that the last date for application of CIPC will be 31st July 2020, meaning that NO applications will be made to the 2020 crop.

The decision was taken following the withdrawal of CIPC as a product, announced by the European Union’s Health and Food Safety Directorate-General Appeal Committee as of 8 January 2020.

Nick Green, chairman of the NAAC Group, says ‘The Group represents all fogging contractors and many self-applicators and are not prepared to put growers 2020 crops at risk of exceeding any temporary MRL after the withdrawal date. We reiterate the AHDB message of if you fog them, you can’t flog them. We would encourage any self-applicators who are not part of the group to join and take advantage of the best practice information that is available for potato sprout suppression’.

All contractors and self-applicators have access to alternative products and details can be found

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