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Gowan Crop Protection Ltd, the marketing company for Avadex Excel 15G are asking farmers and contractors to get their application machinery ready to go, in order to satisfy the anticipated increase in the use of the residual herbicide granules this autumn.

“Avadex granules applied pre-emergence are regarded as the essential start to any black-grass control programme nowadays. Its use in a programme along with a flufenacet-based herbicide can add on average 15% control of this highly competitive grass-weed,” says Dr. Dominic Lamb, the  UK and Ireland Business Manager for Gowan.

“We want to make sure that there is sufficient application capacity to apply Avadex wherever needed and that any applicator, whether farmer or contractor-owned, is calibrated properly and is ready to go. Avadex granules continue to increase in popularity and we are anticipating another increase in treated hectares again this autumn, so farmers and contractors will need to get tooled up and be ready for the season ahead.” says Dominic.

To get the best out of Avadex granules it’s essential that the applicator is calibrated accurately to apply the correct dose of 15kg per hectare and that the granules are applied evenly across the boom width.  “You need to deliver the correct amount of herbicide granule down each pipe and a  patternation test should be considered along with the calibration.  Black-grass is such a competitive weed that accurate and even application is essential. Avadex granules are registered on winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley – its main target crops,” says Dominic, with EAMU’s allowing application on winter rye and triticale, winter and spring linseed, miscanthus and canary grass.

“Alongside Avadex’s role in black-grass control programmes, it is being increasingly used where rye-grass or brome species are the target weed and people shouldn’t forget the activity on wild oats that Avadex brings to the party.

For those farmers who don’t have their own applicator, Gowan keep a list of contractors, listed by county, on their website  and would encourage farmers to start thinking about booking the services of a contractor sooner rather than later! ” he says.


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