Helping growers address soil health and crop establishment with new bioscience products

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Following the successful launch of Agrovista’s Innovation Range earlier this year, five new products have been added to help address the importance of soil health and crop establishment.

Originally devised to introduce a refreshed approach to crop health, the Innovation Range is a series of targeted bioscience products that offer growers segmented solutions and tangible yield-based results.

In recognition of the importance of soil health and crop establishment, five new products have been added – Voltek®, Tiros® + Voltek® Bio, L-CBF Boost, Phosphorus Liberator and Liquid Gypsum. 

head of research and development, Craig Morgan, said: “We’re delighted with how well the Innovation Range has been received by growers, and their receptiveness to the overall concept. 

Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan

“The ethos of the range is to offer bioscience products for targeted stages of crop development, supporting specific outcomes such as maximising chlorophyll production at flag leaf, or improving consistency of marketable yield. 

“It seems only natural that this range should include solutions that nurture soil health and early crop vigour, right from the ground and seed up.”

Seed treatment Voltek is a biostimulant complex known as a metabolite – a unique blend of phosphite, keto acids and additional nutrients. Applied direct to the seed this supports the growth and development of young seedlings as they emerge.

A combination of two complementary seed treatments, Tiros + Voltek Bio offers the ultimate support for plant establishment and early nutrition. Tiros contains endophytes selected to fix atmospheric nitrogen and sequester other nutrients from the soil. When combined with Voltek Bio, these nutrients are maximised whilst helping to stimulate the plant to grow away from potential stress.

L-CBF Boost is a liquid carbon food source for soil microbes that increases nutrient availability, increases plant root mass and improves the efficiency of applied fertilisers. 

Also aimed at improving soil health is Phosphorus Liberator which releases soil-bound phosphorous and other nutrients, making them available to the plant. This is critical for crop growth, particularly during important phases such as germination, rooting, flowering and seed production.

Completing the new product set is Liquid Gypsum, a conditioner that helps soil flocculation; improving workability, drainage and root exploration to support crop establishment. In this form, gypsum is highly soluble and around 2000 times more effective than granular equivalents, on a weight for weight basis.

Mr Morgan added: “Soil health has been named as a key factor in the Agriculture Bill, so by expanding the Innovation Range, we hope to support growers and demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future.”

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