Horsch displays latest SingularSystem, drills and cultivators at Cereals 2018

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Horsch will be displaying the latest Serto 12 SC and Pronto 6 NT drills and new Cruiser 6 XL and Terrano GX cultivators at its Cereals 2018 stand. This is their first UK showing after their unveiling at Agritechnica.  Also on the stand is the Express KR featuring HORSCH’s SingularSystem, making it the first singulation drill for wheat, barley, OSR and peas at speeds of around 12kph.

Express KR with SingularSystem

Horsch’s SingularSystem uses the Funck metering technology to enable precise seed application. The technology is available on HORSCH seed drills equipped with adapted TurboDisc seed coulters for sowing, such as the Pronto DC and Focus TD. An Express KR with singulation is featured on HORSCH’s 2018 Cereals stand.

Seed is drawn from a main hopper by means of a central volume metering unit. This pre-metered seed is pneumatically conveyed to the respective seed row. Up to the coulter, the seed supply is carried out in a conventional way without any modifications to the standard seed drill. The new TurboDisc coulter body includes the mounted metering unit necessary for singling and placing in the soil and has been designed to achieve high singling accuracy.

An operational speed of 10 to 12kph is important to maintain performance. The new single grain metering unit is able sow a single grain twice per second, or 120Hz, resulting in a seed density of 240 grains per square metre at 12kph with a row spacing of 15 cm.

Inside the metering unit the seed flow follows a circular path where the grains increase in speed and move to the outer part of the metering disc. One is then selected for the fall tube. The remaining grains are transported back to the starting point and small heaps and gaps in the volumetric seed flow can be minimised.

This interaction of volumetric metering and the singling metering unit is controlled by the on-board electronic system. The operator only has to enter the desired quantity of grains per square meter, the thousand-grain weight and the germination capacity and the system calculates the metering quantity.

The speed of the singling disc in the metering unit is adapted to the desired seed size and the resulting grain spacing in one row. The system is resistant to blows and vibrations due to the high transport speed of the grain.

New Pronto NT expands seed drill family

Available in 6m, 8m and 9m working widths, the new Pronto NT features the well-proven TurboDisc double-disc coulter at 20cm row spacing in combination with a compact, leading wavy disc, making it ideal for mulch and direct seeding.

Operational speeds up to 20kph allow for a high area output even at smaller working widths. Horsepower requirement is very low as the wavy discs cut through organic material and cultivate the soil only in the seed rows, creating a fine earth in the seed horizon. The necessary weight for operation of the wavy discs and seed coulters is transferred via the sophisticated hydraulic system of the machine. In very hard conditions, additional weight up to 1400 kg can be mounted on the frame.

New Serto SC is a compact seed drill

The new Serto SC is a compact seed drill for large farms with working widths of 10m and 12m. It features an all-over tyre packer combined with a heavy double-disc seed coulter. Two seed coulters run behind every tyre with a row spacing of 16.6 cm, similar to the well-proven Pronto system, and the all-over packer lowers horsepower requirement and saves fuel.

The new Horsch parallelogram coulter features large bearings and is designed to very stable and durable. It is ideal for difficult conditions and ensures safe seed placement even if the seedbed is rough. The development was influenced by the experiences of the Maestro single grain technology. To guarantee an even placement, the Serto SC is equipped with a packer for levelling and consolidation.

New Cruiser XL trailed cultivator with spring tine

The new 5m and 6m Cruiser XL trailed cultivator fills the gap between the 3-point linkage mounted models and the 10m and 12m trailed versions. With its six bars, the Cruiser mixes and distributes excellently and a 700mm frame height ensures even large quantities of organic material are no problem.

The cultivator can be equipped with four different cultivation points making it ideal for stubble cultivation with optimum straw distribution after combining, seedbed preparation, as a fine cultivator for mechanical weed control or for loosening and venting the soils in spring. A wide range of single and double packer are available.

New Terrano GX universal cultivator

The Terrano GX is a new model in the Terrano family with 4m to 6m working widths and featuring 3- or 4-bar version with a tine spacing between 28.5cm and 31.5cm. The Terrano GX joins the 3-point mounted Terrano FX, the Terrano MT with two rows of cultivation discs and two tine rows and the 10m and 12m Terrano 10 and 12 FM for large working widths.

The Terrano GX is equipped with the third generation TerraGrip, with its spring located in the frame and a 550kg release force with large and maintenance-free pivot points that guarantee a long service life. The cultivator can be equipped with four cultivation point options from intensely mixing to merely loosening for a wide variety of conditions. A wide range of single and double packer are available.

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