Hutchinsons launches short term grass seed option

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Grasswise Suppressor is a short term flexible grass seed option to help combat the burden of black-grass in arable rotations available from Hutchinsons.

Stewart McIntyreThis grass seed mix is made up of a range of different ryegrasses, all of which are carefully selected by our grass and technical teams to fit the criteria of fast and robust establishment to suppress and compete with black-grass,” says Stewart MacIntyre, (left) Hutchinsons grass and forage seed specialist.

“New for 2020, all the varieties included in the mix are on the RGCL 2019/2020 and it is designed to be maintained as a three to four year ley.”

“The Italian ryegrass component is very quick to establish, even at low temperatures with the ability to grow down to 4C. This gives options for establishing this grass seed mix after winter or spring cereals across most regions, or even maize in earlier areas,” he says.

“We selected Italian ryegrass for its vigour to compete with black-grass.”

“Also included in Grasswise Suppressor is the hybrid ryegrass Novial, also very quick to establish, although at slightly warmer temperatures of 5-6C. This hybrid is more drought tolerant, which is particularly useful on lighter lands.”

“With a smaller seed size, hence more seed per kilogram, and a higher tillering capacity, the diploid perennial ryegrass Glenariff significantly improves ground cover and is also a key component of the grass seed mix.”

“We recommend sowing Grasswise Suppressor at a rate of 14kg/acre or 34kg/ha aiming for a target plant population of 1249seeds/m2. This could be as much as 200 seeds/m2 more than a traditional pure Italian mix with lower advised sowing rates,” says Stewart.

He highlights that there is a tight 5 day heading date pattern between 20th and 25th May to allow for easy silage management and for the avoidance of seed shedding.

Grasswise Suppressor 14kg/acre (34kg/ha)

4kg Alamo Italian Ryegrass (DIP)
4kg Barmultra II Italian Ryegrass (DIP)
4kg Novial Hybrid Ryegrass (TET)
2kg Glenariff PERENNIAL Ryegrass (DIP)


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