Innovation and tech in action at Cereals LIVE

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There is nothing quite like seeing tech in action to understand how it works and how it can be beneficial on farm, which is why Cereals LIVE will be putting demos right at growers’ fingertips.

From state-of-the-art robotics, to autonomous tractors and electronic weeding, Cereals LIVE will have it all available in video demonstrations in the brand new Innovation and Tech Demo ring, says event director, Alli McEntyre. “It’s a brave new world for farming, with innovation driving sustainability and efficiency. Being able to see the most cutting-edge technology in action will give farmers an insight into where their businesses could be headed very soon.”

So what will growers be able to see online?

The Small Robot Company will be demonstrating its robot weed mapping service, launched in November 2019. Hailed as a technical milestone, it is the world’s first service for individual plant mapping at broadacre scale and provides farmers with a per-plant view of their fields.

Delivered using its robust commercial robot Tom, it can cover 20ha per day autonomously and can distinguish plant details at sub-millimetre resolution, with less than one millimetre per pixel resolution on the ground.

Also demonstrating how far robotics in farming has advanced, FarmDroid will show just what an autonomous field robot can do to help reduce costs for sowing and weeding crops, while additionally staying carbon neutral and organic.

Harper Adams University will be exhibiting its new drone sprayer, while Syngenta will be offering visitors a close-up view of different sprayer nozzles in action, alongside the new closed handling system which makes filling traditional sprayers easier and safer.

For those wanting to improve spray efficiencies, MagGrow could be worth a look – using magnetic technology it claims to increase coverage by 20% and reduce drift by up to 70%.

Two new innovations from Joskin promise to grab growers’ attention: With John Deere, its NIR sensor can be fitted to slurry tankers in order to test the nutritional content of slurry as it’s being delivered. And for the machinery buff, its new E-Drive will be of great interest. This distributes tractor power throughout the tractor-trailer combination, allowing for increased traction alongside reduced ground compaction, tyre wear and fuel consumption.

Another first of its kind, New Holland’s methane tractor will be on display. Offering the same performance as its diesel equivalent, with up to 30% lower running costs, this machine presents a look at the future of zero carbon farming.

When it comes to crop monitoring, there is plenty of choice, from DroneAG’s Skippy Scout app – which makes crop walking a doddle by linking a drone to field records – to Kisanhub’s new app – which links crop monitoring and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Weed control will also be under the spotlight, with various alternatives to chemical sprays. Lyckegard will demonstrate its CombCut mechanical and selective weeding tool which has been designed for low power tractors. This works by cutting weeds either within crops or above branched crops, making it a suitable alternative for organic growers.

Mechanical weeding options will also be explored, while those looking for something completely new might be tempted by Rootwave – electric weeding technology. A sustainable and no-till option, it uses electricity to zap roots, ensuring weeds are systematically killed.

Advancing technology opens many news doors and opportunities for farmers, adds Ms McEntyre. “Cereals LIVE will have a full shop floor for growers to explore, with plenty of ideas for them to take home and use to develop their farm for the future.”



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