International players collaborate on sustainable agri-tech initiatives

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To explore how International farmers, researchers and tech entrepreneurs can work together on mutual challenges, a number of international players have announced initiatives at Agri-TechE’s REAP 2020 conference to address many global sustainability and productivity challenges in agriculture.

Announcements from Agri-TechE include: a New partnership with Western Growers; A new mission with the British Embassy Warsaw; The next stage in the relationship with Missouri agri-tech ecosystem; Oost Netherlands joins Agri-TechE as members; and work withSouth Korea’s Chonnam National University.

Dr Belinda Clarke, Director of the Agri-TechE innovation hub, commented: “The theme for REAP 2020 is ‘From micro-scape to landscape – Innovating at the frontier’, acknowledging that small changes in the micro-scape can have big impacts on the landscape and vice versa. It is interactions on a microbial scale in soils that drive the carbon cycle and impact climate change.

“To achieve the global ambitions for agriculture, food production and land management, we need a much better understanding of how systems at these different scales operate and interact. We are delighted that this vision is shared by other agri-tech communities as this will create the global scale needed to make real change.”

REAP brings together people from across Agri-TechE’s ecosystem who believe that innovation is the engine behind adaptive change for the industry, particularly those who want to develop or deploy new technology, bring fresh thinking and apply best practice to make a difference to agriculture and horticulture – in the UK and beyond. More information can be found at

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