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The connection of machine and field data is becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. Contractors and farmers are demanding interfaces that allow easier use by different parties, such as agricultural machinery manufacturers, software developers, crop care suppliers, advisors and so on.

To enable more open access, John Deere has activated a new function called More Tools in the web-based Operations Centre. Farmers and contractors can already use the Operations Centre as a central platform to manage tasks and send data to machines, for example.

This new addition to the system now enables users to process data from external software companies and import their information via the Operations Centre, alongside existing John Deere software solutions such as Maps, Land Manager, Field Analyser, Team Manager etc.

Users can adjust the Operations Centre to suit their individual daily business needs through customisation and by adding more functions. At the same time, any data exchanges between the Operations Centre and connected software companies are fully controlled by the data owner, either manually or by agreeing to the establishment of a system for automatic data synchronisation.

Customers will therefore benefit from the open John Deere structure when entering and transferring details such as field and application maps, weather data etc. Currently, more than 20 companies in 29 countries in Western and Central Europe and Russia are connected, while globally the number exceeds 100 suppliers.

In order to generate further applications, John Deere hosted the first ‘Develop with Deere’ conference in November 2018, attended by 40 or so global companies offering software, field mapping, consultancy and other services.


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