Krone expands BiG X range

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Krone has launched the new BiG X 1180, the new flagship at the top of the Krone BiG X 680, 780, 880 forager ranges. The extra engine power is generated by the 24.24-lire, 850kW/1165hp Liebherr V12 engine. This makes the Krone Big X not only the world’s most powerful forage harvester but one that scores on very useful engine features. For example, oil, filter and valve service intervals have been extended to 1000 hours and all models in the range are naturally compliant with emission stages V and Tier 4f (relying merely on SCR emission treatment). Also, the BiG X 1180 is available with the Krone lift cab.

OptiMaxx 250: Slanted teeth create a shearing effect

Another innovation is the roller conditioner. The OptiMaxx 250 CornConditioner has its teeth slanted at a 5° angle which results in an even higher performance. The slant produces a shearing effect as the teeth condition the material, leading to an intensive treatment not only in axial but also lateral direction.

The new 250mm diameter rollers are available with 105/123 or 123/144 teeth. 105/123 teeth suit medium and long chopping lengths whereas 123/144 teeth are ideal for short and medium chops. The speed differential is 30% or 40% / 50% as an option.

OptiMaxx 305: The biggest-diameter rollers on the market

Higher engine power and throughputs require the new flagship BiG X 1180 to use larger-diameter conditioning rollers. Therefore the conditioner’s rollers increased to 305 mm in diameter (OptiMaxx305) with teeth slanted at an angle. These changes lead to a unique shearing effect, increase the friction surface area and the circumferential speed. As such, the OptiMaxx 305 roller conditioner stands out for an exemplary crop intake and intensive treatment – even in long chops.

As the diameter grows the number of teeth increases as well. To suit all applications, buyers can choose between 125/150 teeth for medium and long chopping lengths and 150/175 teeth for short and medium chopping lengths. The special rollers rotate at different speeds, the difference being 30% or 40% / 50% as an option.

This new roller conditioner design excels also in terms of handling as the new housing rests in massive and easy-to-service bearings. Swapping bearings, rollers and pulleys to alter the speed difference from 30% to 50% is an easy job. Cleaning, too, is straightforward thanks to large service openings.

Another practical feature is measuring the temperature inside the bearings and displaying it on the screen – an important details that ensures reliable and safe operation.

As another plus, both roller conditioners – the OptiMaxx 250and OptiMaxx 305–mount in a massive spring assembly that allows them to exert a consistently high pressure on the crop. The result is intensive kernel and fibre treatment at all LOCs.

Automatic counterblade adjustment

As an option, the BiG X 680, 780, 880 and 1180 models can adjust the counterblade, which allows operators to reset the counterblade within seconds by a touch of a button. Of course, they can also do this manually from the external control.

EasyLoad: The automatic filling system from Krone

Equipped with a camera-based 3D image analysis and the automatic EasyLoad filling system, the forager offers convenient filling of trailers that run alongside the harvester. The system controls the spout automatically (open/close spout flap; rotate spout right/left) and allows operators to select various filling strategies such as ‘front to rear’. They can also program specific filling levels and the impact point of the crop stream in the wagon – a great boon that reduces operator stress in the heat of harvest. The operator can conveniently monitor all machine functions from the cab.

In the future, the system will also control auto filling into trailers following the harvester. The feature is currently trialled and will be available soon (also as a retrofit version).

Moisture and nutrient meter with online AgriNIR measuring

The optional AgriNIR online sensor supplies accurate data on the crop’s moisture and nutrient levels. The sensor is manufactured by Dynamica Generale, a long-standing manufacturer with extensive experience in this field. It supplies the following crop information: dry matter, starch, crude protein, crude ash, crude fat, ADF acid detergence fibres, and NDF neutral detergence fibres. The data are stored to the Krone terminal, assigned to the individual fields and can be processed by various software applications.






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