Lemken add front seed and fertiliser hopper to portfolio

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The Solitair 23 plastic front hopper with 1,900 litre capacity for seeds or fertiliser adds significant versatility to much of the kit in the LEMKEN machinery armoury. Its compact design means forward visibility is unhindered.

The Solitair 23 can be combined with a front tyre furrow press or modular case weights to optimise the balance of the tractor/implement combination.

The new hopper complements the Azurit single-seed drill for under-root fertilisation, and it can be used for drilling oilseed rape and cereals in conjunction with a power harrow and mounted coulter bar.

It can also be used in a combination drill scenario, catch crop cultivation and for applying base fertiliser application when cultivating soils.

The Solitair 23 can be used as a precision seed and fertiliser drill using four individual metering units to supply up to 500kg/ha to the coulters. Optional tank scales provide operators with up-to-date information about current tank levels and application rates.

Distribution hoses can be routed over or under the tractor with a quick-coupling systems also available to minimise set-up times, and allows easy coupling to a wide range of cultivation implements.


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