Lemken launch front hopper and new coulter bar combination

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Lemken’s new solo coulter bar OptiDisc 25 combined with the Solitair 23 front hopper and power harrow forms an agile and compact drilling combination for arable farmers. It can also be combined with the Azurit precision seed drill for applying fertiliser.

Double disc coulters in the new coulter bar feature maintenance-free rubber suspension bearings for extended life. Independent adjustment of the coulter bar and depth control roller pressure ensures precise seed placement even at high forward speed. Coulter pressure can be adjusted either mechanically (up to 45kg) or hydraulically from the tractor cab (up to 70kg).

The OptiDisc 25 has an electronically controlled metering unit that allows a range of tramline settings, achieved with two perforated rings arranged one on top of the other in the distributor heads located directly above the coulter bar. The lower ring is used for regular drilling, and by blocking some of the outlets in the upper ring hydraulically the spaces can be changed. Track widths and tramline row numbers can be altered simple by changing the cartridge in the distributor.

The new coulter bar will be available as a folding model with 4 or 4.50m working width for the 2019 season.


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