Lemken launch new weather station and app

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Lemken’s new weather station and App provides valuable support data directly from the field, which allows farmers to calculate the dew point and leaf wetness immediately. This information can be merged with other weather data.

In collaboration with the Dutch start-up Appsforagri, LEMKEN aims to develop additional tools and applications to enhance the capabilities currently provided.

The weather station is the first product developed from this collaboration. It is partially buried in the ground and measures the soil temperature at from 5-20cm depth, and the air temperature and humidity at a height of 25cm in the crop and 75cm above the crop.

The data is transmitted to the smart farming app on a smartphone or tablet via the Sigfox low-frequency network every 30mins. The app then calculates the dew point and leaf wetness. The app can also collect data on wind speed and direction, radiation values and precipitation. When collated together this information enables farmers to respond to local climate conditions and to plan their crop care measures with high precision.

The weather station can be combined with a rain sensor that records data every 30mins, which can then be stored for up to a year to track climatic variations and patterns.

A crop care module is also available for additional guidance. This module provides farmers with a 14 day weather forecast and a five day disease pressure forecast for over 100 diseases in more than 40 crops.



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