Martin Lishman launch AgroLog, a crop moisture and temperature probe

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Crop storage specialist, Martin Lishman, has introduced the AgroLog moisture and temperature probe. The 2-metre-long probe can accurately determine the moisture content of stored grain.

Once positioned in the crop, it collects moisture and temperature data and sends it to the cloud for further analysis. The data can be accessed and manipulated using the AgroLog app.

“The AgroLog probe is an exciting addition to our crop quality range,” explained Joel Capper, Managing Director for Martin Lishman Ltd. “We believe this probe fills a gap in the market, and we are confident that farmers across the UK will find it a valuable tool to use in their stores.”

The probe informs users of the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) specific to their grain which is essential for effective grain drying. Farmers and grain handlers can ensure safe storage conditions while avoiding unnecessary energy consumption and economic losses associated with over-drying.

The multiple sensors inside the AgroLog Probe assist in identifying the location of the drying front. By confirming when the lower levels of grain have reached their target moisture content, the probe helps users decide when to turn off heaters so that fresh airflow can be utilised.

Pete Waudby, Farm Manager for J.E. Atkinson & Son, trialled the new AgroLog probe earlier this year. He said:”I was fortunate enough to trial this probe during the testing stage. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up and use, and the unit’s accuracy coincided with our moisture meters. This will be a handy tool for any farmer looking for an instant guideline moisture reading.”

Constructed from the highest quality materials, the AgroLog probe is designed to withstand the rigours of farm use. Its construction incorporates aluminium, fiberglass, and ABS, ensuring its durability, and it is weatherproof to withstand the harshest storage conditions.

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