Moulton College collaborates with market leaders in agriculture to create new Certificate in Agricultural Technology.

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Moulton College has been working alongside Farol Ltd to develop a new certificate in agricultural technology for students to complete alongside their studies. The Certificate will evidence the extensive skill, knowledge and practical experience acquired by the College’s students in agricultural technologies, to present to employers on entering industry.

Louise Fletcher, head of School for land-based and equine subjects at Moulton said: “Technology plays an important part in the agriculture industry, and this Certificate will demonstrate the new and emerging ways the industry is optimising this. For students with a keen interest in technology, this Certificate is a great opportunity to learn more about this evolving field within agriculture and stand out to prospective employers.”

Farol Ltd established as a family business in the 1970s, and its Technology Department is the best in industry. The Company work closely with agricultural manufacturers including the renowned John Deere on the latest technological innovations, with this insight and experience included in the Certificate course content.

Alongside developing this Certificate, Farol Ltd and Moulton College has also created a comprehensive plan to enhance the opportunities for agriculture students, and provide experiences to prepare them for industry. Activities will include live demonstrations, visits to Farol Ltd and training on John Deere technology.

Dylan Roberts, director at Farol Ltd said: “It’s great to be working with Moulton College to strengthen the skills in agriculture that will help secure the future of the sector. At Farol Ltd, amongst other specialities in the land-based sector, we have a wealth of experience in technology. Working with such a passionate team at Moulton to share this experience and knowledge, will absolutely influence the calibre of talent entering industry in the near future. It’s exciting for us to be a part of this journey.”

Ms Fletcher added: “As a College we’re excited to continue working together with Farol Ltd, and see where this partnership takes our course, and students! The industry is getting more technologically advanced and as a College it is vitally important that we keep up to date with the latest developments and Farol Ltd will play a key part in this for us.”

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