Naked oats growers wanted in East Midlands

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Farmers in the East Midlands looking to widen rotations and increase spring cropping areas are encouraged to consider growing naked oats on contract.

Lincolnshire-based seed and grain specialist, Cope Seeds, is looking for growers of naked oats to meet increased market demand and is offering long-term contracts for the varieties ‘Patrik’ and ‘Oliver’.

Gemma Clarke, Cope Seeds director says they are in a position to offer generous contracts with high premiums for growing markets. “Excellent buy back contracts are on offer to anyone purchasing Oliver and Patrik Naked Oats, with attractive premiums available and there are flexible movement options from harvest onwards, with higher premiums for those willing to store for longer.

“Naked oats are used as a whole grain for flaking, malting and in animal feeds. Industries include wild bird food, dog food, poultry, and horses with its versatility reaching as far as cosmetics,” says Gemma.

Seeing something of a revival, naked oats are now established in the market. They differ from conventional oats in that they naturally thresh free from the husk during harvest.

“Spring Naked Oats can help with black grass management, as they provide a long stale seedbed. They make a very good break-crop, are easy to grow and they share most of their agronomic practices with husked oats.

According to Gemma, naked oats have a higher protein content (13%) than conventional oats and their 9% oil content makes them an energy rich product.

“Patrik and Oliver Naked Oats are extremely competitive and have a growth habit that would suit low-intensity farming. They produce high oil and nutrient content. To avoid quality loss such as rancidity, naked oats must be dried immediately after harvest to at least 14% moisture content. For longer-term storage, a moisture level of 12% is required.”

Seed will be available for Spring, but orders must be placed early to avoid disappointment as supply is limited. E-mail or call 01529 421081 for more information.


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