New controller and options for granule and small seed applicator

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Stocks Ag, the UK specialist manufacturer of applicators for granular and microgranular products and small seeds, is using Cereals 2019 to launch a new controller for its Fan Jet Duo twin applicator, incorporating a number of new features designed to improve ease of operation.

The new controller comprises a single screen terminal on which users can not only control the applicator, but also observe coverage mapping. It offers a repeatable accuracy of less than one metre using an EGNOS signal, compared with the guaranteed 10m pass-to-pass accuracy of the previous system. The unit is also capable of governing variable rate application in conjunction with an uploaded application prescription map, commonly known as a shape file.

To ensure high levels of accuracy are possible in terms of recording as well as application, the new controller’s software incorporates features enabling products to be ‘created’ and stored, and allowing calibration settings to be recorded for each new product. In addition, there is a job creation and export feature that enables each field task to be recorded and sent to a smartphone, tablet or farm office computer.

A self-test function confirms settings are accurate for the job in hand, while an auto-run/hold feature makes operation simple. A headland control system ensures accurate cut-off at bout ends to eliminate costly and environmentally-unfriendly overlapping.

Further improvements to the latest Fan Jet Duo include options to aid operation in low light and at night, including a rear camera to observe the spread pattern and internal hopper lighting to aid filling. The new controller and the updated specification are available on Fan Jet Duo machines ordered from June 2019.


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