New HE-VA Evolution Seeder for optimal oilseed rape establishment

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The new HE-VA Evolution rape seeder will be launched on the OPICO stand at LAMMA [B10] in 3m, 4m and 5m widths, offering an armoury of techniques to ensure the best possible establishment and early growth of the crop.

Originally shown at LAMMA 2017 as a prototype 3m machine, fine-tuning, expert input and product development have resulted in the Evolution drill which is now available in mounted 3m and trailed 4m and 5m versions.

With flea beetle, blackgrass and slugs making conditions very challenging to establish a strong and viable rape plant, the new rape drill will provide a fully-loaded machine which can achieve precision drilling and seed placement, soil and nutrient management and pest control in one pass.

The seed bed is prepared by the low disturbance, medium-depth sub-soiling legs and points which alleviate compaction and improve soil structure, with minimal surface disturbance. This encourages good rooting with resulting early, vigorous spring growth.  A V-profile roller then re-consolidates, creating a micro-tilth ready for seed placement.

A front disc works ahead of each leg, slicing through the soil surface to ensure minimal soil disturbance. This prevents blackgrass seed being brought to the surface.

The well-established HE-VA Accu-Disc double-disc coulter enables seed placement to be controlled precisely and consistently to a required depth, ensuring no seed is visible on the surface, providing ideal conditions for germination. The rear wheel then closes and re-consolidates ensuring good seed to soil contact.

Slug pellets can be accurately applied in the same pass as the rape seed is drilled, using HE-VA’s twin multi-seeder operated by a single control box, preventing slug damage in the early stages of growth.

An optional Nitro-Band or Nitro-Jet can also be added to put on granular or liquid fertiliser exactly where and when the young plant needs it, giving an initial growth boost pushing the rape seedlings ahead of any pest damage.

Commenting, James Woolway, OPICO managing director said, ‘Establishing oilseed rape has been difficult again this year with flea beetle hammering crops at cotyledon stage.  This, combined with blackgrass and slug pressures, is making it very challenging to get a currently profitable crop out the ground. The new Evolution seeder throws all our best technology at the plant getting it off to a good, strong start and able to withstand any pest pressures.’

The new 5m Evolution Seeder will be on the OPICO stand [B10] at LAMMA.  The 3m machine starts at £34,952+ VAT.


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