New Holland CR Revelation combine raises the stakes

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New Holland has redesigned the residue management system, improved adjustable crop flow, and a further power upgrade on the CR Revelation combine to increase capacity by up to 10% while guaranteeing grain quality and improved residue management.

Lars Skjoldager Sørensen, head of Harvesting Product Line, said: “The CR combine was already the harvesting world record holder, the most powerful combine in the market with the highest capacity. But at New Holland: we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ productivity and profitability further. With the new CR Revelation range we have achieved this. We improved the control of crop flow, helping our customers increase their productivity; we increased capacity and residue management performance. And with the new styling we improved visibility and serviceability. The CR Revelation reigns supreme in the combine market.” 

Up to 10% more productivity with improved controls of crop flow and Twin Pitch Plus rotors

A host of features on the new CR combines increase these machines’ already high capacity and productivity even further, while maintaining the remarkably low grain crackage or reducing it even more.

The new cab-controlled remote adjustable rotor vanes, with infinitely variable position between slow and fast, result in class leading crop flow control and power efficiency gains. This feature, available as an option on the four 22” models at the top of the range, delivers higher productivity and capacity.

The in-cab concave reset contributes to increasing the combine’s productivity, dramatically reducing downtime in case of a concave breakaway. This feature makes resetting the concave very easy and fast: the operator just empties rotors, stops the combine, rearms the concaves automatically and resumes harvest, saving the 20-30 minutes that doing the operation manually would require.

The three models at the top of the range, also feature Twin Pitch Plus rotors with 3” raspbars, which deliver considerable power efficiency gains ranging from 20kW in the CR8.90 to 28kW in the top-of-the-range CR10.90.

These features, together with other improvements that include higher rotor covers on the two smaller 17” models, the deep cut DFR and the power upgrade, deliver an increase in the CR combine’s productivity of up to 10%.

The most powerful combine in the industry gets a power upgrade – up to 700 hp.

The CR10.90, the world’s most powerful combine and world record holder for most wheat harvested within eight hours, has raised the bar again on performance with a 50hp power upgrade. The biggest combine in the industry now develops 700hp maximum power to deliver a massive performance in all crops.

The CR8.80, the biggest of the two 17” CR models, has also received a power upgrade and with 517hp maximum power is the highest horsepower narrow frame combine in the market.

Up to 45 feet spreading width and fine chopper sample with redesigned residue management system.

The new CR combines feature a new residue management system that delivers a finer chop, wider spread and better distribution.

The improvements to the chopper, which include a reinforced rotor, longer counter knives and increased chopper speed, result in a finer sample and a 50% reduction of long straw.

The chaff spreader has been entirely redesigned with a patented air crop flow system replacing the traditional impact based design. The spreading width has been increased to 45 feet and is adjustable from the cab. The powerful Opti-Spread™ straw management system is further improved with 25% stronger hydromotors, V-shaped paddles and cleaning scrapers. The result is a wider, 45-foot spread, better spread distribution and reduced wear.

A functional new colour scheme inside the machine and on the upper part of the combine for better visibility during the harvest and daily maintenance.

The main frame, grain pan and beater grate are now in yellow, providing better visibility in the cleaning shoe. The colour of the grain tank has also changed to yellow to improve visibility from the cab and make it easier for the operator to check the grain quality at all times.


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