New online i-learning will enable grain traders to demonstrate proficiency

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The Agricultural Industries Confederation has launched on on-line assessment tool – ‘Developing Standards in On-Farm Grain Trading’ which will enable those involved in trading grain ex-farm to demonstrate their standards of proficiency.

The new assessment has been developed to meet a demand from AIC Members involved in marketing arable crops for a means of demonstrating the expertise of their staff to farmer customers. The assessment, exclusively available to AIC Members is free and voluntary.

The assessment is based on five modules covering a range of relevant topics including contracts, crops, regional variations and exports. Successful completion of the modules will result in participants receiving a certificate that is valid for three years.

“In devising the new on-line assessment, we have aimed to not only provide a certificate of proficiency, but also to highlight areas where candidates may require further training,” said AIC Sector head Paul Rooke.

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