New seed treatment to be launched at CropTec Show 2020

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A new seed treatment that maximises early crop vigour and emergence, consequently increasing yields and profits, is being launched at this year’s digital CropTec Show 2020 (24-26 Novby UK biotechnology company AminoA.

AminoA STAART,  fully approved for use in organic systems by OF&G, is a brand new seed treatment containing a complex of 18 L-isomer amino-acids and natural phytohormones that are essential for early growth and development, while increasing the plants resistance to abiotic and biotic stress.

Like other products within the AminoA range, STAART is suitable for use with all crops. In fully replicated trials in Sugar Beet, AminoA STAART has been demonstrated to improve yields by up to 9 tonne per hectare. It has also been shown to reduce environmental stress in Winter Wheat seedlings in hot conditions.

“AminoA STAART encourages vigorous root development and growth, while improving the efficiency of other agrochemicals and fertilisers,” explains AminoA managing director Richard Phillips.

“It combines a broad spectrum of amino acids, natural phytohormones, fulvic and humic acids, supported by a balanced nutrition pack,” he adds. “Combined, this helps stimulate continuous root development which increases the plants ability to uptake nutrients, ultimately increasing yields and improving profits.”

Typically applied at a rate of 3 litres per tonne in cereals, AminoA STAART seed treatment is the latest range to be launched by AminoA, following the introduction of the liquid bio-stimulant AminoA FLO in July 2017.

Mr Phillips says, “Our products are deliberately designed to have broad spectrum activity as they contain every essential amino-acid that plants synthesise throughout their growth cycle. Therefore, if applied to the plant at any stage, from sowing to maturity, they can contribute positively to yield and quality if the plant is not already producing an optimal level of amino-acids itself.

“Most of our customers are conventional arable farmers who have realised that the judicious use of bio-stimulants can boost yields and profits whilst at the same time sustaining the fragile ecosystem in our soils,” he adds.


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