New tech can stop crop contamination

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Each year barns full of crops are lost to disease, but the Roboscientific Barn Monitor automatically ‘sniffs’ the air to identify disease before it spreads.

Roboscientic, a Cambridgeshire based biotech firm have developed an artificial intelligence device that can immediately identify a disease or virus in an enclosed space.

The Roboscientific Barn Monitor automatically ‘sniffs’ the air in the barn for the presence of the digital fingerprint (made up from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)) associated with a specific disease or rot.

It does so by looking for changes to the air in the barn and comparing it with a portfolio of disease digital fingerprints contained within the Roboscientific proprietary sensor array.  When a match is found and disease or rot is detected, it double checks its results and if confirmed, automatically notifies the farmer, or their nominee via WiFi, Bluetooth or Text.

The farmer is then able to identify the deterioration and make the necessary intervention before losing the whole crop.

Roboscientific is applying the science of analysing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to detect a variety of diseases and conditions in poultry, livestock, crops and grain.  It has developed a new generation of sensors and sampling processes which deliver far greater sensitivity, specificity and consistency than previously achieved in the field.

The detection devices range from handheld monitors to room/barn monitors including monitors to detect the presence of Covid-19 infected people in room environments.

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