New tyre warranty will help farmers go the distance

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Continental has announced it will support its agricultural tyres with a new warranty. The warranty will cover farmers in the unlikely event of a materials or manufacturing failure and also offers some reassurance against stubble damage and field hazards.

In a statement pledging reliability, Continental is offering warranties of up to ten years on all tyres made at the company’s manufacturing plant in Lousado, Portugal. The plant has been producing a new range of agricultural tyres since 2017 and includes a purpose-built research and development unit where the tyres have been developed and tested.  The warranty will therefore cover all tyres manufactured since August 1st, 2017.

Common complaints with all agricultural tyres include unforeseen damage caused by field use and imperfections in the composition of the tyre. Richard Hutchins, Continental UK Sales Manager says: “Modern farming techniques demand that tyres are hard wearing, and farmers can’t afford to lose time through tyres failing. Our new range of agricultural tyres has been tested to much higher tolerances than ever before and we are confident to support this by offering our customers a warranty.”

The warranty covers the likely causes of tyre damage, from material and manufacturing defects to stubble damage and field hazard damage. “It is important that as part of our return to, and growth in, the agricultural market that farmers can trust our products. By offering a warranty we are giving farmers the peace of mind they need,” explains Mr Hutchins.

The warranty will cover all Continental TractorMaster and CombineMaster tyres including the recently launched very high flexion tyres and hybrid tyres. “Continental has invested €2.5 million in an agriculture-focussed research and evaluation centre to develop tyres that help meet these concerns. We hope that this warranty shows farmers that we believe in that research and that we are willing to help buyers if a tyre does not perform the way they need it to,” concludes Mr Hutchins.

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