New UF 2002 mounted sprayer from Amazone

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With the UF 2002, AMAZONE introduces a completely newly-developed mounted sprayer on top of the existing UF 01 product range.

The UF 2002 features a tank with a nominal volume of 2,000 l. The specially shaped, polyethylene tank is integrated into the main frame to give a favourable centre of gravity. The advantages of this PE tank are the absolutely smooth tank inner and outer walls, the rounded internal design and the low positioned sump on the tank bottom. This allows for quick, effective tank cleaning as well as minimal residual volumes.

The filling of the tank is carried out, both on the suction side and also when pressure filling from a water source, near to the tank bottom. This reliably eliminates any tendency to form foam during the filling procedure. For an intensive agitator capacity, yet with minimal foam formation and preventing any deposits settling in the tank, the agitator is positioned directly on the tank bottom. The internal cleaning nozzle, the tank breather and the easily to open, domed lid are positioned right up in the tank. In addition to the spray tank, the UF 2002 features a 350 l fresh water tank. The UF 2002 can be combined with any Super-S2 boom from 15 to 30 m.

The UF 2002 frame has been designed completely around to the new tank design. The reinforced steel profiles provide enormous rigidity, yet at minimal weight. In this way the lift mast, integrated in the frame, is even stronger and more torsion resistant.

Moreover, the new damping system and high quality stainless steel slide profiles in the lift mast minimise any friction and allow a completely maintenance-free height adjustment of the booms.

Due to the large tank volume of the UF 2002, it is of importance to link the machine to the tractor with as favourable a centre of gravity as possible. To ensure this, the UF 02 is equipped with two different link arm positions for different tractors. Guide plates in front of the frame help to link the lower link arms to the torsion-safe, lower link pins which are ready fitted with Cat. 3 balls. The coupling geometry is designed for both Cat. 2 and Cat. 3 link arms. The pin size for the top link is also Cat. 3.

Even with its favourable centre of gravity, to make mounting the machine to the tractor as easy as possible the front face of the tank is completely free from any hoses and brackets permitting a trouble-free coupling. For an even more relaxed coupling and uncoupling of the UF 2002 from the tractor, it can be equipped with the optional quick coupling system. In conjunction with the TeleSpace PTO shaft, the machine can be hitched on and off with greater comfort.

When coupling the machine, the towing vehicle approaches the UF 2002 close enough so that all electric cables and hydraulic pipes can be coupled up, the PTO shaft attached and the top link connected with the quick coupling system. Then by reversing a little more the lower link arms drop into the relevant sockets and the machine is simply raised. During the lifting procedure the top link quick coupling system hooks up and the machine can be raised. By swivelling in the parking device the system is locked. The large, over-centre path of the top link locking eases the coupling. For the simple uncoupling, the locking device of the quick coupling system can be already unlatched in its lifted position. However, the locking device only releases after having parked the UF 2002 and taken off the top link.

The new parking system is completely integrated in the frame. As an option, the patented system can be equipped with caster wheels that remain on the machine even during operation.

When swivelling the supports into the transport position, the parking system lock is released via a manually-actuated pull rod. In this way the supports, pre-tensioned by a spring force, are automatically retracted by swivelling upwards by 90 degrees and this simultaneously puts the parking skids or rollers into their transport position. In this position they are held up out of the way of the crop. When the system is retracted, the rear rollers disappear from the spray zone underneath the booms. In this way, any troublesome dismantling of rollers or skids is avoided. As soon as the parking device is swivelled upwards in its working position the lock of the quick coupling system is secured.

To demount the machine, the left and right hand parking supports are simply pulled backwards with the aid of the pull rod until they automatically engage. Here the parking skids, or rollers, automatically rotate downwards by 90°.

The UF 2002 is equipped with a newly-developed 250 or 300 l/min piston diaphragm pump. New is the larger piston ensuring a shorter stroke and yet still conveying an even capacity at high pressures. Thanks to the larger piston diameter and the reduced stroke, strain on the diaphragms is noticeably lower which is positive for the service life.

As an optional extra, an additional fresh water pump is available for the UF 2002 that provides continuous internal cleaning and also that enables cleaning and spraying out as a simultaneous operation. The additional pump is driven directly via the PTO shaft and can, if required, be actuated via a solenoid clutch from the tractor cab. As soon as the flushing water tank is empty, the pump is automatically switched off.

The new SmartCenter operator station is equipped with a large hinged door that protects all the relevant operating controls and the induction bowl from dirt and water splashes. In the inner panel of the swing door, a holder for gloves and a measuring jug is provided. As the swing door opens backwards towards the boom, it protects the operator from chemical contact on his clothing from the booms plus, at the same time, creates plenty of free space between it and the tractor. As standard the UF 2002 features a 30 litre dust and splash water protected clothing locker for personal protective equipment.

The 20 l hand wash tank is positioned above the induction bowl and it is completely integrated into the machine design. Its water jet flows directly into the induction bowl. Here the washing water is collected and then inducted into the bowl. In addition, a easily-accessible soap dispenser is positioned underneath the hand wash tank.

The new 60 l induction bowl is located directly underneath the control valves. Its conical hopper shape, the centralised aperture and the enormous suction capacity of 150 l/min guarantee a quick, absolutely trouble-free sprayer filling and its complete emptying. For inducting powders or granular spray agents, an additional mixing nozzle is positioned underneath the suction aperture which safely prevents any blockage of the suction aperture. This mixing nozzle can be steplessly adjusted for intensity and can be operated parallel to the new, also steplessly-metered high capacity rinse ring.

Now, when either suction or pressure filling, the induction bowl can be always supplied with clean water! For this function, a stepless, adjustable 3-way valve is located to the right hand side of the induction bowl.

The new canister cleaning nozzle features a considerably larger contact surface by which the nozzle can be activated when pushing down the canister or measuring jug. In the upper zone of the canister cleaning nozzle there is an additional, smaller contact area which is positioned where the nozzle can be activated, specifically for a more effective cleaning of the canister neck.

During the opening procedure, the dustproof and liquid tight lid of the induction bowl swivels upwards by 90° and remains firmly in this position. On the inside of the lid, a foldable holder for a measuring jug is attached making the metering of crop protection agents noticeably easier and which also creates a run off possibility for the canisters. When the induction bowl is closed a complete internal cleaning can be carried out with the aid of the canister cleaning nozzle. The spray lance, included in the standard execution, is positioned to the right hand side of the induction bowl.

Comfort-Pack on the new UF 2002, with TwinTerminal 3.0 down at the operator station, makes the handling of the machine even more comfortable. This also includes, as standard, automatic fill stop for the suction fill procedure and, as an option, this is also available for when pressure filling.

During the spraying operation, the agitator control regulates the agitation intensity in relation to the tank fill level. When the fill level decreases, the agitator intensity is automatically reduced down to a complete shut off to prevent the formation of foam at a low fill level and to minimise residual volumes.

In addition, the automatic agitation regulation offers auto-dynamic agitator control. This means: if a larger application rate is required at the boom, the agitation capacity automatically reduces. When the nozzles are then shut off again, for instance on the headland, the complete pump capacity is available for agitation.

After the spraying operation is finished, Comfort-Pack provides fully automatic cleaning which can be controlled completely remotely from the tractor cab. Additional functions such as boom rinsing, the cleaning the spray liquid circuit from heavy deposits or a defined dilution of a subsequent tank mix in the field are also included within Comfort-Pack.

The UF 2002 is equipped with the newly-developed, 7-way pressure tap which has been designed by AMAZONE to offer completely new possibilities in machine operation. During a change of function on the pressure side, all the valves are closed by swivelling out the pressure tap. Now the deactivated pressure tap can be turned to a new position without having to open the liquid circuits. Only when the desired function has been selected and the tap put into the appropriate position does the relevant valve for the corresponding circuit open when the lever for the pressure valve is swivelled in. This intelligent actuation prevents any unwanted ingress of spray agent into the wrong liquid circuit when switching over the pressure tap. The 7-way pressure valve features valve seat technology known from the internal combustion engine. This is of especially low wear and is function-safe.

End users, for whom the volume of the UF 2002 is not big enough, can combine the new UF 2002 with the FT 1001 Front Tank, whereby the nominal volume is increased to a total of 3,000 l. With the aid of FlowControl+, the front tank is completely integrated into the spray liquid circuit of the UF 2002. For this, the UF 2002 is equipped with an additional 150 l/min pump which constantly circulates the spray liquid between the spray tank of the UF and the front tank. This ensures a constant homogenisation of the spray liquid in the two tanks. The peculiarity of FlowControl+ on the UF 2002 is that the capacity of the additional pump is also used for filling.

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